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Neil Rabinowitz’s stock photo library contains more than one million tightly edited images from around the world. The comprehensive collection is continuously updated from his relentless assignment schedule. It includes a distinctive variety of subjects, locations, and uniquely exotic photography… along with the largest nautical marine inventory in the industry.

Neil’s work appears on more than 50 magazine covers each year as well as numerous books, calendars, posters, advertisements and editorial features. For specific content, please contact Neil’s office.

The stock photo library is the single largest collection of marine photography, adventure photography, sports photography, travel photography and lifestyle photography in the world. The marine subjects range from stunning interiors of glamour yachts and the lifestyle set ups on glitzy megayachts in remote ports, to cruise liners to funky backyard dinghies, from Grand Prix sailing events such as numerous America's Cups, Olympic Yachting and European, American and Asian events to surfing championships, sport fishing, canoeing and exotic fly fishing spots. His hard edged sports images and exotic travel shots include locations around the globe.

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Commissioned Work

Rabinowitz works in all camera formats--35mm, 2 1/4, 6x7, 4x5, and panoramic 6x17. He also does underwater and a great deal of aerial work including many promotional ads for the world's leading helicopter companies and private jet manufacturers. His client list includes some of the world's most demanding organizations and reknown people with the same standards. He is as comfortable hanging out of a chopper going 90 knots at deck height over the seas, as shooting a Mustang P51 at 500 mph air to air, lighting the spacious halls of a palatial hotel or paddling a sea kayak through Alaska's glacial landscape.

Available for assignment and stock, Neil Rabinowitz presents this web site as a brief glimpse into his work to serve as an introduction to his style of photography and a link to his services. Please install the Flash Player on your browser to reviewsome of Neil's high quality photos on your computer. This site can link you to Neil Rabinowitz on location and can digitally deliver images for your review.

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Neil’s photo library contains more than one million tightly edited images from around the world.


Clients: Corporate and Online

Neil Rabinowitz is one of the world’s most sought after photographers for both his advertising and editorial creativity.

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